“Satisfaction with life in Korea” McCarty’s story of looking at the display board with a happy expression

The altercation between SSG and KT Wiz held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 3rd. Kirk McCarty at the dugout smiled heartily as he looked at the world’s largest screen at SSG. It is because of the special birthday party for his first daughter prepared by himself and the club.

McCarty prepared an event for his daughter Kate’s first birthday that day. 1:00 pm Arranged for a surprise birthday party at the skybox with his wife Erica.

Before the game, I invited my acquaintances and held a birthday party. After the match, McCarty moved to the dugout and joined his teammates.

And while both teams were taking turns, a picture of a wife holding her daughter appeared on the screen. In Landers Field, Kate’s birthday song began to resound in commemoration of her first birthday.

McCarty asked for special help from the club as well as the venue. For Kate, who loves mascots, Randy asked her to find a skybox. McCarty looked at this with a pleased expression.

McCarty said, “Seeing my daughter so happy, it was worthwhile to prepare the birthday party with all my heart. It was even more meaningful that Randy and the fans celebrated it together. I want to make memories,” he said. 크크크벳

McCarty, wearing a new SSG uniform this season, is recording an average ERA of 2.70 with 2 wins and 1 loss in 5 games. Eric Romero is on hiatus due to injury, but McCarty is relaying good pitches after his first appearance (8 runs in 3 1/3 innings).

I am also very satisfied with my life in Korea. He developed a hobby of taking walks in front of his house with his wife, and his food goes well with him. McCarty said, “I had a dream of advancing to the KBO league because I saw a good opportunity to go to Korea a few years ago.”

Meanwhile, at the birthday party held on this day, the families of KT foreign players Bo Schulser, Wes Benjamin, and Anthony Alford also attended and celebrated together.

McCarty and Alford developed a deep friendship over their children. The two have known each other since high school, living in the same area. After that, they played together for the Cleveland Guardians and built a friendship. McCarty’s family also attended and celebrated Alford’s first daughter, Stella’s birthday, held on April 20 at KT Wiz Park in Suwon.

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