Sorry to my teammates for not doing my part properly

Hanwha Life Esports captain Kim “Clid” Tae-min blamed himself for the loss.

Hanwha Life Esports lost 1-3 to Gen.G Esports in the second round of the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Playoffs held at Gran Seoul LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 26th. Hanwha Life Insurance, who went to the losers group due to the defeat that day, challenged kt Rolster to advance to the final match. Taemin Kim struggled against Gen.G by playing Sejuani and others, but could not prevent the team from losing.

In an interview after the game, Kim Tae-min mentioned the performance that was lacking compared to the D+ Kia game in the last round. He said, “I think my performance was worse than the D+ Kia game,” and said, “It seems that it naturally led to defeat.”

In the match, Hanwha Life played a difficult game against Gen.G, except for the 3rd set in which they won. In particular, in a situation where he gave up the initiative once, he was helplessly pushed by the opponent’s management and showed the appearance of giving up the game in an instant. Regarding this, Kim Tae-min confessed his lack of play.

Looking back at the regrettable moments of each set, Kim Tae-min explained, “It’s personally regrettable that our team members couldn’t cope with certain situations when they were put in.”

He then expressed his apologetic feelings to his teammates, saying, “I wasn’t in good condition today” and “I’m sorry to my teammates for not playing my role well. If I had taken a little more initiative today, I think the results would have been a little better.” I also told Still, he expressed his determination for the next game. “I think we need to pay attention to what we lacked today in the match against kt,” he said with strength.

Hanwha Life Insurance, who lost in today’s game, was given one more chance through the loser’s group. Finally, Kim Tae-min concluded the interview by saying, “Even though my performance was not good today, I will make up for it well so that I can repay you with a victory in the next game.” 스포츠토토

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