‘Stone Buddha’ Hanwha fans angry at director Subero’s resignation “Front Resignation”

There are times when even a Bodhisattva gets angry. This is the story of professional baseball Hanwha fans. After the sacking of coach Subero, the truck protest continues today (16th).

Reporter Moon Sang-hyuk heard the story of the fans himself.


Even when the team is on a losing streak, Hanwha fans laugh, sing, wear Buddha masks, and cheer for liberation.

I’ve been called a ‘caring fan’ because I always cheered for the last-place team, but this time I got really angry.

Over the past three days, they have raised more than 4 million won and are actively voicing their voices by holding truck protests at Daejeon Stadium and Hanwha headquarters in Seoul.

After staying in the last place for three consecutive years, they are now avoiding the bottom place. It is not because of their performance, but because of the hard-to-understand ‘director’s hardship’.

[Yang Seong-jin/Jung-gu, Daejeon: The attitude of trying to finish in the director’s line, not showing responsibility at the front… ]

Especially right before the hardship, 5 wins and 1 loss in 6 games…

[Carlos Subero/Former Hanwha coach (Last 13th): Hanwha fans will laugh sooner or later. You will see a great future. I say this with a sense of responsibility as a professional.] 토토사이트

The regret is greater because the past two years are a time when I wonder if Subero’s ‘rebuilding’ will come to fruition.

[Park Jung-hyun/Jung-gu, Daejeon: I really don’t get mad at Hanwha, but isn’t there something wrong with this level… ]

[Yoon Se-eun/Daejeon Jung-gu: It hurt my heart to see Kim Seo-hyun write down the Subero manager number. My heart was touched.]

The front desk of the club, which failed to recruit foreign players, is demanding the resignation of the general manager and representative, saying that they should take responsibility.

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