Suwon FC unveils its 20th anniversary uniform…Suwon Hwaseong – the symbol of King Jeongjo

Suwon FC unveiled the 2023 season uniform ‘The Heritage’ to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its founding.

‘The Heritage’ celebrated its 20th anniversary since the foundation of the Suwon City Hall soccer team in 2003, and in December of last year, a uniform design competition was held among fans and the most well-received uniform was adopted.


First of all, the 20th anniversary emblem was applied to this uniform. The home uniform was designed with the traditional pattern of Suwon Hwaseong as a pattern based on navy color and expressed in red and blue stripes. In addition, the gold color symbolizing King Jeongjo was used as a point to convey a grand and luxurious look.

Suwon FC’s 20th anniversary uniform model added meaning to the club’s official supporters, Real Crew, and cheering squad, Victoria Castle.

Meanwhile, this Suwon FC 2023 season uniform can be purchased through the club’s official online mall.

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