Suwon FC’s Lee Kwang-hyeok’s joke, “If you reduce the burden of defense, you can get 15 offensive P’s”

“If you reduce the burden on defense, 15 attack points are possible (laughs),”

said Lee Gwang-hyeok (28), who has been playing a key role as soon as he put on the Suwon FC uniform this season.

Lee Kwang-hyeok was substituted for 76 minutes in the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 round 9 match against Daegu FC held at Suwon Sports Complex on the 26th. In a tense game, he scored the opening goal neatly with a move that broke Daegu’s defense. It was the second goal in the league made with just one shot. The team had to be content with only taking one point from a corner kick in the second half, but Lee Kwang-hyeok led Suwon FC’s attack by showing lively movements on the right flank.

Lee Gwang-hyeok, who faced reporters in the mixed zone after the game, looked back on the results, saying, “It was good to score the first goal, but it was regrettable that we conceded a goal later.”

Regarding his goal scene, he said, “Of course, I expected a pass to come.” ” he laughed. In the 5th minute of the second half, Lee Kwang-hyeok exchanged a neat 2-to-1 pass with Yoon Bit-garam on the right side, and then scored the first goal neatly in the box. It was a neat play that broke Daegu’s defense, which had been thickly defended throughout the game.

He also added an explanation that he had learned a lot from the Pohang Steelers days. In particular, he explained, “When I was in Pohang, I tried to imitate (Kim) Seung-dae hyung’s movements a lot. Certainly, those movements seem to help the team.”

On the other hand, Lee Kwang-hyeok’s single-season career high that day was 2 goals. He scored two goals each in 2015 and 2019, but this year he scored two goals in just nine games. He said, “The goal is 15 attack points.”

When the reporters asked about the specific goal, Lee Kwang-hyeok said strongly, “I would like to score 10 goals.” 크크크벳

There were prerequisites. He said with a smile, “It seems that Suwon FC is doing more defense than I thought.” “If you reduce the burden of defense a little, you can digest 90 minutes. Otherwise, 15 may be difficult,” he said with a laugh. He then joked, “If director Kim Do-gyun sees (the interview), he will think differently.”

Finally, he thanked the home fans who came to visit him despite the cold weather. Lee Kwang-hyeok emphasized, “I am surprised every time I see the scene where the fans greet the bus, as well as ‘Real Crew’.” “I will show you a game that I will not lose for the fans,” he said with strength.

Meanwhile, Suwon FC is ahead of its 2nd home game. It is a schedule that leads to FC Seoul on the 29th and Gangwon FC on the 6th of next month. Suwon FC, which is still in the mid-table, is challenging to enter the top ranks thanks to the support of home fans.

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