Ten Hague dumps 21-year-old prospect→Not on US-bound squad→6 months on ‘hope circuit’→No dice for now

Mason Greenwood, the 21-year-old ace of Manchester United in the English Premier League, has been removed from a flight to the United States.

United manager Eric ten Hagh left Greenwood in England and flew to the United States. He left him out of the squad.

Ten Haag had been sending Greenwood hopeful messages since February. Greenwood was cleared of all charges against him in early February. However, some of United’s male players and all of the female players were against his return. They didn’t want him back, they didn’t even want him to show up at the training center.

The same goes for the club. Fearing they would lose sponsors, they refused to allow Greenwood to return to the club in the name of an independent investigation.

However, Ten Haag did something different than the rest of the team when he called him in February to ask how he was doing, giving Greenwood hope for a return.

Notably, Ten Hagh left Greenwood off his list of players to clear out in the post-season transfer window. It was a sort of hint that he would be in the squad for the upcoming season. However, he was left out of the preseason tour of the United States.

United actually has a different idea than Van Gaal. The club wants to send Greenwood to another team. They don’t want to alienate the team’s sponsors.

That”s why United are reportedly pushing for a loan move for Greenwood. Mostly Italian Serie A teams. The media is reporting that AS Roma and Atletico are also interested in Greenwood.

However, Greenwood’s future is still undecided. It’s a toss-up. With the Premier League kicking off in just over two weeks, the European leagues are about to begin a new season. Greenwood has until early August at the latest to finalize his transfer, but his future is still up in the air. Greenwood is contracted to United until 2025. In his frustration, Greenwood has been training alone to stay in shape.

Greenwood scored 17 goals in the 2019-20 season, including 10 in the EPL, and was recognized as the team’s best striker. Ten Haag hopes to use him as a striker next season. 안전놀이터

In a recent interview, he was asked, “Which striker can help Marcus Rashford in the upcoming season?”

“Greenwood has shown in the past that he has the potential to score goals for us,” Ten Haag replied. This answer led the media to assume that Greenwood would be in a United shirt next season, but he was left out of the squad that traveled to the United States, the first step in the process.

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