The ‘Big 4’ are in! The strongest brackets are in!

On Monday evening, the lights in the Go TV studio shone brightly on Kim Chae-young 8th dan. For the third consecutive day, Kim Chae-young 8th dan “went to work” as the live broadcast director of Go TV and swept to three wins.

After defeating Han Jong-jin 9-dan on Monday evening and Yoo Chang-hyuk 9-dan on Tuesday evening in the Jiji Auction, dubbed “Bansang’s Monday-Tuesday drama,” Kim Chae-young 8-dan defeated Kim Yoon-young 5-dan on Wednesday evening in the 2023 IBK Corporate Bank Women’s Go Master.

Interestingly, on Thursday evening, Kim Chae-young 8th dan also sat down in the Go TV studio to play the Women’s Go League. If this is a record, it is a real record.

Kim Yoon-young 5th dan reunited with Kim for the first time in over seven months. Kim Chae-young 8th dan took the lead in the middlegame, but something went wrong in the late game. When Kim Yun-young 5-dan poked where her opponent would be most uncomfortable, she was greedy and made a big mistake in response.

With Kim Chae-young 8th faltering on the first read, Kim Yoon-young 5th had a golden opportunity. The biggest chance of the game. Kim seemed to capitalize on the mistake but couldn’t find the final move.

The game ended at 262 moves after 2 hours and 57 minutes. Kim Chae-young 8th dan survived the crisis and took the first half of the game with a countback. Below is a replay of the match and Kim’s post-match reaction.

“I thought I was doing okay in the early to midgame, but then I made a mistake in the middlegame, and then I made a mistake in the center, which probably gave Black a lot of chances. I felt like if I came for the hemp, I wouldn’t get it, and even after that, I was thinking that if he finished well, I would have lost, but I think I benefited from the finish.”

He improved his head-to-head record to 12-4. On the IBK chessboard, she lost in the round of 16 at the 2021 main event and won in the 2022 qualifying final.

The last-minute addition of Kim Chae-young 8th dan completes the quartet. Choi Jeong-Kim Chae-young and Kim Eun-ji-Oh Yoo-jin will face off. In the women’s rankings, Choi Jeong 9 is ranked first, Kim Eunji 5 is second, Kim Chae-young 8 is third, and Oh Yoo-jin 9 is fourth. It’s a top four dominated by the ‘big four’. It wouldn’t be surprising to see any of them win 메이저사이트.

In terms of head-to-head, 9th dan Choi leads 8th dan Kim Chae-young 28-5, and 5th dan Kim Eun-ji leads 9th dan Oh Yoo-jin 5-3. Choi Jung-Kim Chae-young will play on July 26, and Kim Eun-ji and Oh Yoo-jin will play on August 2.

“Choi Jung 9th dan is a very strong player and I’ve been losing a lot, so I will clear my mind and prepare well,” said Kim Chae-young 8th dan, “I will pay special attention to the content, as many of my matches have ended badly in the past.”

With 55 players competing for the title in the preliminary round, round of 16 main tournament (4 seeds and 12 qualifiers), and three finals, the prize money for the 2023 IBK Business Bank Bar is 30 million won for the winner and 12 million won for the runner-up.

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