The second day of the Chungcheongbuk-do Provincial Sports Festival… a colorful festival amid heated competition

On the second day of the Domin Sports Festival, a heated competition continued at the venue.

The opening ceremony held yesterday turned into a festival with splendid performances.

Reporter Lee Tae-hyun has been there.


The women’s 100m final was held at the Yeongdong County Sports Complex.

Seo Ji-hyun, who won two gold medals at the National Sports Festival last year and was the gold medalist in this event, was the first to cross the finish line without incident at the Domin Sports Festival.

Seo Ji-hyeon/CEO of Jincheon-gun

“The record isn’t good because I’m not very prepared, but I’m slowly raising it… but it’s great to be first place.”

Kim Min-ji, who is known as the goddess of athletics, passed the preliminaries in first place, but took second place and Jincheon-gun monopolized both the gold and silver medals.

Every stadium was crowded with players, their families cheering for them, and spectators.

Regardless of whether they are professional players or club members, each of them showed off their honed skills to the fullest.

Cheongju, which has won the overall championship since 2014, earned the most points again this year, followed by Eumseong and Jincheon-gun, while Yeongdong-gun, the host city of the tournament, is in 5th place.

카지노사이트 Meanwhile, the opening ceremony held yesterday (11th) was a festival.

300 drones drew Korean traditional music and wine, which symbolize Yeongdong, on the night sky, and the Korean traditional music LED media performance also received cheers from the audience.

“We will take this as an opportunity to raise the status of Yeongdong-gun and the pride of the people through a successful sports event.”

While the 62nd Chungbuk Provincial Sports Festival continues until tomorrow (13), the competition flag will be handed over to Jincheon-gun, the venue for the next competition tomorrow.

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