“The top priority is contract renewal” Kane leans toward staying

It is a report that Tottenham Hotspur’s ‘main gun’ Harry Kane (29) is giving priority to renewing his contract. Due to the sluggish negotiations on renewing the contract, which had been going on since last year, it flowed into the atmosphere of leaving, such as the transfer rumors being constantly raised recently, but the airflow has changed again.

The British media’The Athletic’ said on the 23rd (Korean time), “The possibility of Kane renewing the contract is still open,” and “It is known that negotiations will begin in earnest after the transfer window closes this winter. His priority is to succeed at Tottenham. to do,” he said. 안전놀이터

One of the hot topics in the recent English Premier League (EPL) is Kane’s future. This is because the possibility of him leaving without renewing his contract, which expires next summer, continues to be raised. It’s not just a simple rumor, as much as the transfer rumor ‘materializes’, more attention is being focused.

In particular, Kane has been far from winning since his professional debut, and as he will soon turn 30, the possibility of leaving is growing day by day as this is his last chance to transfer. He is doing his best with 265 goals and 62 assists while playing 414 matches for Tottenham, but there are no trophies. It is true that he is a striker who will go down in history later, but he cannot be remembered as ‘the greatest player of all time’ unless he has a winning record. This is the reason why he hesitates to renew his contract with Tottenham.

‘The Athletic’, however, puts weight on the side of staying, saying, “Kane’s top priority is to achieve success at Tottenham, where he has been with him since his youth and his professional debut. He has never seriously thought about transferring.” Further, he added, “Rather than looking for a transfer, we will focus on winning trophies for the time being.”

However, while Kane has not decided to stay for sure, what kind of performance Tottenham finish this season is emerging as the key to renewing the contract. The future vision and the club’s will are also expected to be subject to conditions for contract extension.

In addition, it is predicted that in order to capture Kane, he will have to make an ‘attractive’ offer. In particular, it was observed that the highest level of annual salary should be presented within the EPL. Another British media, ‘Football Insider’ said, “Kane is well aware that England’s national football teammates Raheem Sterling (28, Chelsea) and Jack Grealish (27, Manchester City) earn more than he does.” You will want a higher wage than that.”

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