Tim Bromdal 3 wins, 1st place in group… Clash with Team Haengjik Kim in the quarterfinals

Team Kim Jun-tae and Team Nikos Tim Bromdal won 3 wins and advanced to the World 3-Cushion Grand Prix Team Challenge finals tournament as first place in their group. In addition, 8 teams, including Team Zanetti, Team Sidom, Tim Tasdemir, Tim Mux, and Team Kim Haeng-jik, passed the group stage. On the other hand, Team Jaspers, Team Tran, Team Heo Jeong-Han, and Team Sanchez were eliminated.

On the 21st, all the group stage matches of the ‘World 3-Cushion Grand Prix 2023’ group exhibition ‘Challenge Ground’ (hereinafter referred to as Team Challenge) held at the Inter-Burgo Hotel in Wonju, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do were finished.

Group Stage Result △Group A 1st Team Kim Jun-tae (3 wins) 2nd Team Zanetti (2 wins 1 loss) 3rd place Team Mox (1 win 2 losses) 4th Team Jaspers (3 losses) △Group B 1st Team Nikos ( 3 wins) 2nd place Tim Sidom (2 wins 1 loss) 3rd place Tim Sanchez (1 wins 2 losses) 4th place Tim Tran (3 losses) △Group C Tim Bromdal (3 wins) 2nd place Tim Tasdemir (2 wins) 1 loss) 3rd place team Haengjik Kim (1 win 2 losses) 4th place team Heo Jeong-han (3 losses) decided the ranking.

The quarterfinal tournament was on the 22nd: Tim Bromdal-Tim Haengjik Kim (11:00), Team Sidom-Tim Tasdemir (12:30), Team Kim Jun-tae-Team Zanetti (14:00), Tim Mox-Tim Nikos (15:00) :30), followed by semi-finals (17:00, 18:30) and finals (21:00).

◆Group A-Team Jun-Tae Kim beat Tim Mux and placed 1st in Group…Team Zanetti and Team Jaspers won 120:118

Team Jun-Tae Kim (Jun-Tae Kim and Garcia Hashas Klompenhauer) defeated Tim Mux (Nelin Hwang Bong-Ju Noriko) 120: 86 (75 innings) won.

In Team Kim Jun-tae, “team leader” Kim Jun-tae defeated Mux 35:26 (13 innings), and José Juan Garcia defeated Nelin. Burak Hashas and Teresa Klompenhauer also defeated Hwang Bong-ju and Pukao Noriko, respectively.

Team Mux stayed in third place with a record of 1 win and 2 losses, but advanced to the final tournament with the highest average (1.388) among the third-placed groups.

Team Zanetti (Zanetti Cha Myeong-jong San Van Eten Caracasil) defeated Team Jaspers (Jaspers Choglu Kogelbauer Jang Ga-yeon) with a score of 120:118 (120 innings) after a close match.

In Team Zanetti, Zanetti and Gujin Mude Caragasil lost, but Cha Myung-jong defeated Murat Nasi Choklu with 39:31 (33 innings), followed by Sambahnethen with 42:28 defeating Nicholas Kogelbauer. Team Zanetti with 2 wins and 1 loss passed the group stage in 2nd place, while Team Jaspers was eliminated with 3 losses.

◆Group B – Team Nikos, Team Tran defeated 120:101…Team Sidom, Team Sanchez beat Team Sanchez to advance to the finals

Group B Team Nikos (Polychronopoulos Lee Choong-bok, Son Jun-hyeok, Lee Jeong-hee) defeated Team Tran (Tranquietchien Wingdeokanchien Takao) Win Ni Hoang Yen) with a score of 120:101 (89 innings).

In Team Nikos, Polychronopoulos and Son Jun-hyeok lost, but Lee Jung-hee beat Wing Ni Hoang Yen with a score of 42:17 (26 innings) and Lee Choong-bok beat Wing Duk An Chien with a score of 31:18, taking first place in the group with three wins.

Team Sidom (Sidom Choi Seong-won, Katano Kim Kwang-hyun) defeated Team Sanchez (Sanchez Gonzalez, Dagata Park Soo-young) 120:104 (88 innings) in a confrontation with 1 win and 1 loss for the right to advance to the final tournament.

In Team Sidom, ‘team leader’ Sidom and Kim Kwang-hyun lost, but Choi Seong-won beat Pedro Gonzalez 37:20 (19 innings), and Gui Huberni Katao defeated Alessio Dagata to finish the game. Team Sea Dome advanced to the main tournament with 2 wins and 1 loss. On the other hand, Tim Sanchez recorded the lowest average (1.283) among the 3rd place group and was eliminated from the group stage.

◆Group C-Tim Bromdal, Team Heo Jeong-han defeated Team 1st place…Tim Tasdemir, 120:111 victory over Team Kim Haeng-jik In

Group C, Tim Bromdal (Bromdal Choi Wan-young Wingtrantandu Pedro Piedrabuena) This team defeated Heo Jeong-han (Huh Jeong-han, Seo Chang-hoon, Kim Jin-yeol, and Kim Dong-ryong) with a score of 120:77 (79 innings) and won their third win.

Team Bromdal took the lead by beating Pedro Piedrabuena and Kim Jin-yeol after Bromdahl won 31:25 in the ‘team leader’ match against Heo Jeong-han. Also, Wingtrantantu and Choi Seong-won overpowered Seo Chang-hoon and Kim Dong-ryong, respectively, to finish the match.메이저놀이터

Team Tasdemir (Tasdemir Jo Myung-woo Aiman ​​Han Ji-eun) defeated Team Kim Haeng-jik (Kim Haeng-jik Legazpi Soares Kim Hyung-gon) 120:111 (85 innings) and advanced to the finals as the second place in the group.

Team Tasdemir defeated Mahamud Ayman and Han Ji-eun, but ‘team leader’ Tasdemir defeated Kim Haeng-jik 35:30, and Jo Myung-wu won Ruben Legazpi 46:32. Tim Tasdemir advanced to the final tournament in second place in the group, and Tim Haengjik Kim passed the group stage with second place average (1.328) among the third place group.

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