‘We need to talk’ One voice from the command tower to avoid misunderstanding… “An opportunity to regain trust”

“I hope this will serve as an opportunity to build trust between the players and referees.”

After repeated misjudgment controversy, a new rule was eventually created. The groundless authoritative interpretation that ‘a judgment whose results have already been announced cannot be corrected’ has completely disappeared from the volleyball court.

On the 12th, at the Cheonan Yu Gwan-sun Gymnasium, Hyundai Capital and KB Insurance’s Dodram 2022-2023 season 4th round confrontation took place.

Is it a joke of fate? The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) announced the day before that it would establish a new guideline to resolve the video reading controversy that recently poured into the V-League. Coincidentally, the next day, directors Choi Tae-woong and Hu In-jung, who were at the center of the controversy, faced each other.

The federation first decided to refrain from the existing hasty attitude when reading the video, and proceed carefully by using multi-angle screens. This is to prevent misunderstandings from being revealed after announcing the results with only one or two screens in the beginning, as in the recent case.

In particular, a guide has been set that says, ‘If a contest member or referee finds a clear error right after the announcement, it can be corrected through the reconfirmation procedure of the already provided screen.’

On the 27th of last month, there was an obvious misjudgment in the 4th set of the KB Insurance-KEPCO match. There was a net touch from KEPCO, and it was confirmed with a slow screen. The player also acknowledged it. However, it was after the referees had already announced the results of the video reading, saying ‘no touch’ after only looking at the screen that was delivered first.

After protesting, the coach gave a painful sigh in front of the referees’ stubborn stance, “The video is judged only by looking at the screen,” “The reason the net shook was because it was hit by a ball,” and “The results that have already been announced cannot be corrected.” I had to vomit and turn around. The opinion of Kang Joo-hee, who said, ‘To make an accurate decision, you have to give KB Insurance a score,’ was also not accepted.

As it turned out, there was no provision for correction of readings in the federation rule book. The judgment that gave priority to the authority of the referee over the accurate judgment has spread to a rare controversy.

On the 7th, the video reading was corrected in the 5th set of the Hyundai Capital-Korean Air match. The referees declared ‘for hit’ at the request of director Choi Tae-woong’s video review, but after seeing the new screen, they corrected and announced that it was ‘not for hit’.

Director Choi Tae-woong vehemently complained, “Didn’t I say on the 27th of last month that it couldn’t be overturned? Can it be overturned in the new year?” In response, assistant referee Jeon Young-ah apologized, saying, “I saw it that way at first. I’m sorry. I should have done it after seeing it clearly.”

After meeting with reporters prior to the match, KB Insurance coach Injeong Hu replied, “Thank you for making a new rule. In order not to get sick again the next time something like this happens, I needed an accurate rule.” He added, “I know the referees are working hard, but I hope they will think more about the players.”

Choi Tae-woong, head coach of Hyundai Capital, drew a line saying, “The Korean Air match was a game we lost with our skills.” He continued, “All teams have come to be aware of the changed regulations. Fairer judgments and clearer interpretations will come out in the future. I hope this will serve as an opportunity to build more trust between the referee and the players.” 온라인카지노

He then emphasized, “The verbal explanation and the contents of the rulebook were different. It is the fault of both sides for not confirming this. I just hope that the trust on the court will not be broken.”

“I hope that this incident will continue a relationship where we can trust each other. I hope to have a place to listen to a lot of opinions from a wider range, not just one situation. Although it is during the season, it is a place to discuss various issues when such a big issue arises. I think I need wisdom to create and solve it.”

Meanwhile, in the women’s game held on this day, Korea Expressway Corporation won Pepper Savings Bank with a set score of 3 to 0 (25-21, 25-20, 26-24). Road Corporation, which dedicated its first win of the season to Pepper Savings Bank on December 31st, won comfortably as substitute foreign player Catbell led the attack with 22 points. With the victory on this day, the score was 32 (11 wins, 9 losses), and he succeeded in narrowing the gap with Heungkuk Life Insurance (48 points, 16 wins, 5 losses) in second place. Pepper Savings Bank fell into a two-game losing streak.

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