Why are people from the major leagues like this? Choo Shin-soo in Korea, Choi Ji-man in the United States with a folktale ’embarrassment’

There is a saying ‘Gusihwabokmun (口是禍福門)’. If the mouth is teased well, it becomes a complex sentence, but if it is teased incorrectly, it becomes a flower door.

Columnist Kim Deok-kwon said, ” There are many cases in which people disgrace their families with tales. When speaking, I always have to be careful and refrain from choosing words, but I can’t handle it because I use words that came to my mind recklessly.”

He also said, “The main characters of folk tales have a characteristic. They blurt out their words without thinking much. These people do not even understand the reality even though many people are harmed by a word they say incorrectly. “Why, do you have this habit? Maybe it’s because the pride and obsession that ‘you can do something, you have to do something, there is something better than others’ is too hard?”

“Rice lowers its head as it ripens. If you are filled with knowledge and wisdom, your dignity shines naturally even when you are still. do,” he said.

He said, “‘Speechless.’ It means ‘words are the voice of the heart.’ It also contains the meaning of a warning to be careful with words. A single word can pay off a thousand-dollar debt, A word spoken can turn a person who has been around for decades into an enemy. Especially these days, if you say a wrong word, you can be called a ‘public enemy’ in an instant,” he warned.

Choo Shin-soo hurt his juniors by mentioning a generational change in relation to the WBC team, and defended An Woo-jin, who was involved in ‘school violence’, and said, “It seems that it is not easy to forgive in Korea.”

Choi Ji-man also expressed his displeasure at Pittsburgh, using words like ‘frustration’ and ‘disappointment’ when the Pittsburgh Pirates denied him a WBC appearance.

As a result, the Pittsburgh media and fans are sending cold eyes to Choi Ji-man.

Some Pittsburgh fans are angry at Choi Ji-man’s stance, which seems to be revealing only his own greed without thinking about the club’s position, while he is sending a negative eye to the point of going to the arbitration committee due to salary issues.

Coincidentally, Choo Shin-soo and Choi Ji-man are both from the major leagues. 메이저놀이터
And they are veterans.

Did you have strength in your shoulders?

Even if there is something you want to say, it seems that you need to say refined words within a range that does not provoke the other person.

In particular, Choi Ji-man is in a position to clear a new nest in Pittsburgh. You should refrain from making a bad impression on Pittsburgh fans before you even go.

What if Choi Ji-man said, “It’s a pity, but I respect Pittsburgh’s position” at the failure to participate in the WBC?

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