will you leave? Many EPL clubs want to leave Man City!

Many Premier League clubs want Manchester City to leave.

British media ‘Sky Sports’ reported on the 8th (Korean time), “Many Premier League clubs want Manchester City to be kicked out if they are found to have violated the rules for nine seasons.”

Manchester City were recently charged by the Premier League Secretariat for alleged financial breaches. There are over 100 violations. Various penalties are mentioned, the worst of which could lead to expulsion from the Premier League. 먹튀검증

According to the media, a number of Premier League clubs are hoping to oust Manchester City if the allegations prove true. If Man City is expelled, the English Football League (EFL) has no obligation to accept Man City. In other words, Man City will go to the 5th division in the worst case.

Many clubs are feeling that retroactively stealing Manchester City’s titles would be pointless and confusing. Also, I don’t think the fines mean much. The clubs that are demanding strong disciplinary pressure are known as the Big 6 clubs.

Manchester City has grown into the best club in Europe after the UAE’s wealthy Sheikh Mansour took over the club. Since 2008, the team has grown bigger and bigger with oil money, and from 2011 to 10 years, it won the Premier League title six times.

The Premier League Secretariat investigated Manchester City’s allegations for four years. Attention is focusing on whether Man City can overcome this crisis.

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