Worst fine dust from China lands at Sajik Stadium, training without a mask is painful

It is difficult to train without a mask.

The worst fine dust this year passed through Beijing and landed on the Korean Peninsula.

On the 12th, the fine dust level was recorded as ‘very bad’ across the country, and the Ministry of Environment upgraded the national yellow sand crisis alert level from ‘interest’ to ‘caution’ at 7 am on the same day. 토토사이트

The Meteorological Administration predicted that the concentration of fine dust nationwide would be high as cold, dry winds mixed with yellow dust from China moved.

In addition, strong winds are expected to further accelerate the spread.

The yellow dust crisis warning level is issued ‘when a fine dust warning is issued due to yellow dust and the possibility of a large-scale disaster appears’. Ultrafine dust (PM2.5) is also formidable.

In particular, in the case of Busan, it is at the ‘very bad’ level, unlike other regions that showed ‘normal’ and ‘bad’ levels. 토토사이트

Accordingly, all Lotte Giants players ahead of the game wore masks and continued training.

I watched a video of the entire team, including coach Larry Sutton and coach Jeon Jun-ho, freely wearing masks and training at Sajik Stadium, which was stuffy but covered in fine dust. /

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